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 Match Grade Precision LLC.

"Precision Training for when Precision Matters"

We welcome our partnership with Ringneck Ranch & Twin Peaks Rifle Club for the 2019 shooting season! 




We want to thank all the companies that have supported us since we began. 


Conway Lead Distributors

The official home range for Match Grade Precision, CLD is one of the best ranges in the Midwest with hosting Regional and National level matchs. For pistol work, carbine classes, long range capabilities, & Aerial target shooting, CLD can accommadate what you want to do! Get out to CLD and get to shooting!


Augusta Rental Inc.
Home Improvement, Range Upgrades, Welding Projects, & Rifle setup are just a few of the things that the great people at Augusta Rental can do for you. Augusta Rental also sponsors MGP with glass and optics for our courses. Looking through quality spotting scopes and binos greatly enhances the students ability to learn. We cant thank them enough for all they do for MGP and the quality shooters they sponsor every season. Hit them up, tell em Match Grade sent ya!


Fix It Sticks

They came on board with us from the start and offered a 10% coupon on all their products for our LR1 students. They are a great company with even greater products, get a set of sticks and ensure your rifle is torqued!


Central Kansas Prairie Shooters

CKPS Range has provided their support for Match Grade CCH courses and our Pistol/Carbine Courses. Their facilities for outdoor ranges are some of the best in the state. We highly recommend their IDPA, USPSA, 3 Gun, and Steel Challenge match's. 


TAB Gear

For some of the best slings, bags, tactical accessories, etc hit up the great folks at TAB Gear. They have outfitted our snipers with top notch gear and wil definitely help you out as well!


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Reload Course

Take your reloading to the next level! From assembly to impact, we will take you there.



LR 1

The basics of Long Range Shooting is building the proper foundation. 



LR 2

Team communications, patience in the winds, the perfect shot. Take that next step, take LR2. 



PRS Prep

From reloading to the podium finish, we will take you there. PRS Prep for feeding that competitive side!