Match Grade Precision LLC.

"Precision Training for when Precision Matters"

Professional Firearms Training, our name says it all. Match Grade is a step above the rest, we offer top notch training in the areas of Long Range, Precision Hunter, Precision Rifle Competition Prep, Precision Rifle Reloading, Basic Rifle & Pistol, Tactical Carbine, Designated Marksman, and Kansas Conceal Carry. We are a Veteran Owned and Operated company and define our success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. From US Army Snipers to Top National Competition Shooters, we define Match Grade. 

LR1 - Introductory to Long Range

The key to Long Range Shooting is building the proper foundation. Let us show you how. LR1 gives you the basics to move to our Competition Prep and fast track your success rate. Lets get that mile shot in the bag for ya!


LR2 - Long Range Advanced

After you have built the foundation, we put you on a sniper team, with no batteries. Using what you’ve learned in range estimation, wind reading, and target detection, you must engage and clear your sector of targets. Can you succeed?


Precision Reloading

Take your reloading to the next level! From assembly to impact, we will take you there. Let Derek Love show you the best tools needed to create the perfect load for your precision rifle. Learn when to notice velocity shifts and when the barrel is done. Quality loads equals a quality finish.

Competition Prep

Join award winning Long Range Competitor Derek Love for his Competition Prep course. Learn free recoil, trigger pinch, stage prep and so much more. Derek has helped many competitors to thier podium finish, he can improve your shooting as well. 

Precision Hunter

Are you and your rifle ready for that trophy buck? Increase your confidence of taking a shot past the Kansas average of 220 yards. We will show you various positions and moving target engagements. 


Kansas Conceal Carry Course

What's your plan? What would you do? Let’s make a plan together. Our Conceal Carry Course is certified with the Kansas Attorney General’s Office and we are partnered with the United States Conceal Carry Association. 



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