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The Match Grade Precision logo is a representation of what we hold as our highest priorities. The crosshair in the center defines what we hold as the highest requirement- accuracy. Without a high level of accuracy, all other abilities, no matter how well refined, are of no positive consequence. If you miss your target then all the speed in the world will not make up for it.


The name of our company “Match Grade Precision” seems to cause a bit of confusion.  We are often asked – What kind of rifles do you guys make? Well we don’t. There are plenty of match grade rifles out there, we instead endeavor to train people to a match grade level to have them on par or better than the rifle or pistol they are shooting. It is easy to acquire a match grade rifle; it is much more challenging and rewarding to train an individual to match grade performance levels. This confusion of our company name being tied to the manufacture of firearms has led us to add “Professional Firearms Training” at the base of our logo. Every instructor at Match Grade Precision has been or still is working within the profession of arms and delivers professional level training to enable individuals to perform at a match grade level. The triangle shape of our logo represents our methodology for firearms training. The three components we adhere to are Marksmanship Training, Efficient Firearms Handling, and Fitness.


Marksmanship training is the bedrock of our highest priority- accuracy. Use of the fundamentals of marksmanship for each shot taken must become the norm to attain a high level of accuracy.


Efficient firearms handling will lead to speed. Well practiced efficient firearms handling will result in amazing feats of speed that to an untrained individual will look impossible to attain. Trust us- this kind of speed is attainable to the vast majority of shooters. Professional training and self-practice is all that is required.


Fitness This doesn’t mean we all need to be marathon runners. The main point of fitness is what is going on between your ears. Confidence in your ability in whatever situation you are training for is a requirement to be successful.  Whether it is shooting in the PRS, three gun matches, IDPA, a trophy elk hunt or a combat deployment for a Soldier, one must have confidence in order to perform under stress. The best way to lay a foundation for confidence is to train to a match grade level and see the steady improvement in your own abilities. At Match Grade Precision our instructors will often comment to one another when they see that key moment on the range when a shooter in training makes that step to the next level of performance. Often this key moment happens shortly after the shooter really wants to quit out of frustration. This is what gets us excited about training, training an individual past frustration to success, it is our reward. Also a little intellect is required, rational decisions based on facts, not gut feeling. Understanding how your firearm functions, what the bullet leaving the barrel will do at often extreme ranges and the effects of environmental conditions on your current situation are some of the things a well-educated individual will consider when performing at a match grade level. At Match Grade Precision we have seen well educated individuals in training courses that hold a high school GED or are medical doctors.


So a lot about what is going on in the mind. Physical fitness counts too though.  Depending on what one desires to do within the realm of firearms, a certain level of physical fitness is required. If you want to be competitive in the three gun circuit then a higher level of physical fitness is required than say a competitive bench rest shooting venue.  If you are a Soldier training up for a combat deployment then you will likely feel like you are never physically or mentally fit enough since the actual requirements in that arena are always an unknown. At Match Grade Precision we have seen individuals with a high level of fitness that are wheel chair bound, missing an arm, missing an eye, or have the use of all of their physical ability they were born with.


The three legged stool will fall if one leg is taken away. But when all three legs are present then a stool can hold a very great weight. Match Grade Precision’s training methodology is the same. You must have a high degree of marksmanship, efficient weapons handling, and fitness to perform at a match grade level. When you regress or fail to improve then a review of marksmanship, efficient weapons handling and fitness will quickly identify what needs to be worked on to continue to improve to a higher level of performance. So in our opinion the weakness of the three legged training methodology also makes it very easy to identify the problem and fix it when needed.

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