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Does the dream of taking that big buck you've seen the past few years interest you? Would you like to warm up that rifle and know exactly where it will shoot at various distances? Would you like to practice on moving targets before taking that chance of a  lifetime shot? Come see our staff at Match Grade Precision with our Precision Hunter Course. Here you will be able to warm up your hunting rifle, gather some data, and practice some difficult shots before heading out for your hunt.


Junior Shooters are Welcome to attend the Precision Hunter Course!

Items covered during the Course:

-Scope mounted level on your rifle

-Best dead zero/maximum point blank range zero for your rifle determined

-Rifle marksmanship

-Targets out to 600 yards to confirm your point of aim / point of impact

-A variety of shooting position's used during hunting will be practiced

-The Precision Hunter Course will prepare you for a hunt when you want to have the ability to ethically take the trophy of a life time out to distances the vast majority of hunters are unable to accomplish.

-You will determine what your limit is, for each shooting position, to take an ethical shot at a game animal.

-Be able to comfortably take a shot on a moving buck. 


Items needed for the Course:

-Your preferred hunting rifle

-Sling (if you have one)

-Cleaning Kit (if you have one)

-80-120 rds of hunting ammunition you will use in the field

-Your preferred hunting pack

-Eye Protection

-Ear Protection

-Appropriate range clothing (weather dependent)

 -If you use any of the following bring them with you-

  bipod, shooting  sticks, tripod, sand sock, range finder, ballistic app

  or anything else you routinely use in the field.

 -We will have a variety of shooting aids/accessories for you to try

  while at the course. This may introduce something to you that you

  decide to adopt for your future hunting.


2019 Precision Hunter Course Dates


Email us to set up a private class.


Course Cost: $150


Location: Conway Lead Distributors Range, Conway Springs, KS.


CLD Range Fees are $20.00 per day.

(Not included in the course fee - CLD Members will not pay the range fee)

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