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To add onto our best-selling PRS Prep courses, we will begin to offer 2 day Competition Prep courses. Day 1 will be at Conway Lead to focus on barricade/positional stages, and Day 2 will be at Twin Peaks Rifle Club to work on long distance stages in the Kansas winds! Take 1 or take both and get that First Place finish at the next match!


To attend the 2 Day Course, Select either February 2 Day, March 2 Day, or Aug/Sept 2 Day. And add the 2 Day PRS Prep to your Cart. See ya at the Range!

PRS Prep Course - Postitional

PRS Prep Course - Positional will prepare you for the positional & barricade shooting requirements of popular competition events. We will confirm zero and data on your rifle, have a short wind and mirage class, then the majority of the day will entail shooting from a variety of positions using barricades and other obstacles commonly seen during competion events.


A variety of equipment will be demonstrated and available for use to include  bags, bipods, and tripods to aid in adding stability to your shooting position.  Taught by a nationally ranked PRS competitor with a solid competition record in theregional and national stage. We will expand your ability and push you to a higher level of accuracy while shooting from a variety of positions.  

PRS Prep Course - LR

PRS Prep Course - LR will help you develop the trust & confidence it takes to be competitive at the local, regional, or national match you have coming up. This course is designed to allow the competitior to shoot in various wind conditions and learn from those shots. We will put you through several competition stages to learn stage & time management. Being able to hit the long shots under the pressure of a clock will seperate you from the pack. 


Complete the registration form below to reserve your spot in an upcoming course. If you have any issues signing up for the course just email with your information we have had some issues with registration when using older mobile phone applications.


Reserve your spot today as they are filling up quickly!


**Currently working on 2020 dates**


Course times are 8:00 AM  to 4:00 PM


We will email out additional information 1 week prior to the course.

Items needed for class:


Rifle capable of 1 moa (on paper at 100yds preferrably)

Rifle Scope (preferrably a mildot style reticle - duplex reticle not recommended)

150 rds of quality ammunition - reloads are allowed

Cleaning Kit

Shooting mat (if preferred) 

Rear bags (Sand Socks) - We have some available to use but bring what you have

Any other shooting aids you have- backpack, bipods/tripods/sand socks/other bags/ etc.

Eye/Ear Protection

Notebook and pen/pencil or your data book.

Appropriate range clothing (weather dependent)